General League Rules


1.1     C.B.C. Mixed Handicap Leagues are held on every Monday and Thursday during the winter and summer seasons (except Xmas and New Year holidays), refer to Calendar on CBC website for details.

1.2     Unless specified hereunder, current CTF Rules will be followed. Refer to CBC websites for rules and different league formats. All bowlers must register as members of CTF and CBC.

1.3     Each 3 bowlers team is allowed on 2 bowlers team, and 2 spares on 3 bowlers team.

1.4     Unless noted below, “Leagues” is referenced to CBC leagues, and to other leagues recognized by CBC for determining averages. “Committee” is CBC Executive Committee.

1.5     Bowlers are only allowed to play for their registered team, not allowed to substitute for another team.

1.6     Bowlers may be added or transferred to another teams during the season upon minimum one week notice, and approval of the League Manager. Once transferred, the bowler is not allowed to transfer back to the original team, Dropped out bowler also cannot rejoin his/her original team. Deadline to add or transfer bowlers is on CBC website – Calendar.

1.7     The team captain is to assign his/her team line up prior to start of each game per the bowler’s order listed on the score sheet. It is the team’s responsibility to return their score sheer to the league officials, non-recorded scores or missing scoresheet may receive zero match points.

1.8     Bowler substitution must follow Rule 5.1 in the lineup. If a bowler is substituted on game 2, he cannot return to bowl in game 3.

1.9     Bowler arrived after league start may make up the missed frame provided the first 3 frames have not been bowled by both teams. For fairness to all teams, the game must start at the same time as other teams. Bowlers are not allowed to intentionally slow down the game in order to wait for the late bowler, doing so could result in game forfeit.

1.10  Bowlers are required to enter their names on computer score board. This is important for CBC/CTF award applications when print out is required proof for submission. CBC is not responsible for rejection of award application due to print out not matching personal ID. This is also served as a check in case of disputes or entries error of bowlers’ scores.

1.11  Proposed change of the bowler’s name from previous league shall be submitted for the approval of CBC league executives.

1.12  Any team that missed more than 3 weeks of play will be considered drop out of the league. Not having at least one bowler’s score is considered a missed week.

1.13  Any bowler/team that withdrew or dropped out from the league will forfeit all prizes, awards, banquet tickets and the advanced-paid bowling fees.

1.14  If a bowler continuously breaks rules even after warnings, the League Executives have the right to expel him/her from the league and all rights, privileges and prizes will be forfeited.

1.15  CBC league officials who conduct league business during league play will be allowed to bowl ‘out of order’. i.e., ahead or behind the normal team lineup.

1.16   No pacer is allowed 

1.17 For bowlers’ safety on the lanes, and in accordance to the rules, the use of non-approved powder such as ‘baby powder’ is not allowed; approved CTF/USBC product such as easy slide will be allowed. Use of non-approved products and equipment will lead to disqualification of the team scores.


2          FEES

2.1        CBC $10 annual membership fee and CTF $28 annual membership fee are paid on the first day of Winter league registration. For bowler who do not participate in the Winter league, he/she shall pay the Summer CTF fee of $18 and $10 CBC fee. If bowler has paid the CTF fee through another league, he/she is required to present his/her CTF membership cards to CBC league officials to claim refund at the end of the season.

2.2       The weekly bowling fee is $29 per bowler, absent bowler is responsible for this fee for each day missed.

2.3      The fee for the last week of the bowling season has to be paid in advanced to the Treasurer on registration day.

2.4      Each team captain is to collect the weekly team fee to pay the Treasurer and pick up the score sheet prior to the start of game.

2.5    The league reserves the right to withhold any cash prize, trophy, awards and banquet ticket from the delinquent team until the outstanding balance owed is fully paid by all team members to CBC.

2.6    Roll-off bowler fee is $19 for each week that the scores apply.



3.1    ‘Starting averages’ for the first 9 games of play will be the bowler’s highest average of minimum 21 games in latest Yearbook and CBC recognized leagues. If not available, it will be determined on the order listed below:

i.                    The highest CTF Yearbook and CBC recognized average of min. 21 games for the last two winter leagues

ii.                   Current year Summer league average of min. 21 games.

iii.                 Any sanctioned league current average of min. 21 games, bowlers not in CBC Leagues must submit a certified letter from their league secretary to CBC league manager. It is the bowler’s responsibility to report his/her highest average.

iv.                 Bowler without any of the above average will be assessed individually based on available data and assigned an average by CBC Committee.

v.                   ‘New bowlers’ are bowlers who have not bowled in a recognized league in the last 10 years. They will be assigned the averages as below; however, will be re-rated after the first 9 games by CBC :

·   Men      – 170

·   Women - 160

‘Ten-pin-drop’ rule does not apply to the above assigned averages.

  Bowlers’ starting average will only be adjusted after 9 games of play except noted above.

3.2     ‘Ten-Pin-Drop’ rule means a bowler’s average is capped at maximum 10 pins below his/her league ‘Starting Average’ for handicap calculation for the purpose of League scoring. Bowler’s CTF Year Book average is total pinfall divided by total games bowled.

3.3     Bowler’s league handicap is based on 80% x (220 – bowler average) rounded down. Maximum handicap is 60 pins for men, no limit for ladies.

3.4    The team handicap is the sum of the bowlers’ handicaps in the lineup.

3.5    CBC reserve the rights to re-rate, and reject bowler’s average from joining the league.



4.1    Absent score is the absent bowler’s average minus 15 pins, plus the bowler’s handicap. When a team has multiple Absentees, it shall use the Absentee with the lowest average.

4.2    Absent bowler vs Absent bowler:

·   Absent bowler of the even lane# must align against Absent bowler of the odd lane#, even if it resulted in the roster’s averages being out of the ascending order.

4.3    ‘Roll-Off’ (Pre-bowl scores for future dates) is allowed only during any CBC leagues that the bowler is registered, provided it is at the same bowling center, and prior to the cut-off date noted on the CBC website. Roll-off will be in accordance to the rules below.

4.4     Roll-off request must be made to the league official prior to the start of the 4th frame in game 1, bowler must specify the designated Roll-off period and the league that the Roll-off score applies.

The Roll-off period must be for consecutive weeks, maximum 4 weeks per Roll-off for each league. Roll-off score is valid for 4 weeks from the date of the Roll-off. A Roll-off fee is paid for each week and each league that the scores apply.


4.5    Roll-off scores CANNOT be used in Position Rounds and Playoffs.

4.6    The Roll-off bowler is not allowed to bowl in the designated Roll-off league until after the expiry of the designated Roll-off period.

4.7    The roll-off score of each game is the actual pinfall, capped at 110% of the bowler’s league average (at the time of the Roll-off). The bowler’s average on his/her first week of play is the Starting average as defined in Rule 3.1.  Roll-off scores are not eligible for individual awards nor counted toward the bowler’s average.

4.8     Bowlers are NOT allowed to Roll-off as Pacer.

4.9     Each bowler is allowed maximum of 8 designated roll-off weeks in each Winter league and each Summer league.

4.10  The Roll-off score remains valid for the designated roll-off period and cannot be replaced, even when the bowler or other team member becomes available.

4.11  Roll-off games must be bowled consecutively on the same pair of lanes, unless lane change was deemed necessary due to lane malfunction or other reasons approved by the league executives.



5.1    Each bowler will compete against the opposing team bowler for points outlined in Rule 5.2 and 5.3. Each team lineup will be in ascending order starting with the lowest bowler average as listed on the score sheet. Example: the bowler with the lowest average will bowl against the lowest average on the opposing team in head-to-head competition, 2nd vs 2nd , etc. Do not change the bowler’s order list on the score sheet except in Rule 4.2 situation.

5.2    Match points are awarded to the team with the higher scores (including handicap) as follow:

·   Individual Head-to-Head game – 1 point for each game

·   Total team score in each game – 1 point per game

·   Team series (9 games total score) – 2 points

Total 14 match points are available, points will be shared equally for tied scores.

5.3    Bonus points are awarded to all teams in each game when their total team scratch score is at least:

·   1 pin above Team average – 1 point

·   31 pins above Team average – 2 points

·   61 pins above Team average – 3 points

5.4    A team must have at least one bowler’s score for match point eligibility, Roll-off are eligible scores. A team without an eligible score will receive zero point.

5.5    Absent score is eligible for match points, except noted in Rule 5,.4.

·   Absent score vs Absent score - ½ point each team

·   Absent score vs Dummy         - 0 point

5.6    When opposing a Dummy team, the team bowlers must bowl scratch scores at least:

·   Their own average to receive Head-to-Head match points

·   Their team average (sum of bowlers’ average) to receive team points

·   Their team series (9 games) to receive team series points

5.7    Except in Rule 5.8 and 5.9, teams that are tied in any final position standings shall receive equal share of the total prize money for those positions.

5.8    Total team pinfall + Handicap will be used as tie breaker during position rounds, and in the regular series for the final position to advance to the Champion division (see league format). If still tied, tie breaker frame(s) by each team members shall be bowled until the winner is declared, handicap is one tenth of the bowlers’ handicap (rounded down) for each additional frame.

5.9     For teams tied for the league Champion (1st position in the Champion and Premium Division), each team shall bowl one tie breaker game to determine the winner, same scoring format as regular league games, including bonus points. If still tied, tie breaker frame(s) shall be used.

5.10  The ‘Locked Rule’ will apply in the position rounds when the first position team is guaranteed (locked) in that position, the first team will play against the last position team in position round.