Rules and Regulations

This tournament is organized by Chinese Bowling Congress 


Venue: Richmond Hill Pro Bowl, 

       10593 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C5 

Date: 12 February 2022, Saturday

Registration Time: 10:30 am to 11:00 am   


     One Division - Handicap     

 Entry fee:  $70



 Qualifying rounds



 Round 1: 

 Round 2 : 

Round 3 : 

Final round

Prizes*   (based on 24 entries)  

* Subject to change depends on number of entries (Cash ratio 1 in 4)

 Tie breakers


Bowling balls 

 CBC adjudication 


Rules and Regulations


1. This tournament is organized by Chinese Bowling

    Congress and is sponsored by Benchmark Signature Realty

2. Eligibility

All Chinese Bowling Congress 2018 – 2019 winter league members. Tournament director will handle any questionable circumstances and grant exceptions.

3. Venue

    World Bowl , 9 East Wilmot Street,  Richmond Hill

4. Date and Registration Time

·            May 5 ,2019  Saturday,  10:00 am to 10:30 am  registration; 10:45 practice, 11:00 am start scoring  

5. Classification

·            Scratch and handicap division

6. Entry fee:  $80

7. Averages    

·            Highest average (minimum 21 games) of 2017–2018 winter and 2018–2019 winter from year book.

·             With no valid average, a bowler shall use 220 as average.

·            A bowler has the responsibility to report a current average which is 10 pins higher than the previous 2 year’s average, failing to do this will lead to disqualification, forfeiture of games, prizes and standings aside from any other penalties that may be imposed.

8. Handicap

·            80% of (220 minus average), men max. 40, ladies max. 50

9. Qualifying rounds

·            $10 per one qualify entry, unlimited entries.


11. Final round   

·     The top 2 scratch and top 2 handicap bowlers will bowl one game on a pair of lanes, the highest handicap score will be the champion. The second highest handicap score will be the 1strunner-up and so on.


12. Prizes*  Cash ratio 1 in 4 * subject to change depends on number of entries


During league dates and time at Markham Pro Bowl :  

  Monday – 9 pm

 Apr  1, 8, 15, 22 , 29               

13. Tie breakers

·     Qualifying rounds – the score with the earlier qualifying date will advance,

·     If both scores were on same date, high game scratch of the set will advance.

·     For Semi-final and final rounds – 2 frames roll-off , 9th and 10th   frame with 1/5 of handicap rounded down added to the pinfalls.

14. Etiquettes  

·     One lane courtesy is observed.  All powder is not allowed on shoe sole, bowler's area and approach. Non-bowler is not allowed in bowler's area.

15.Bowler's  attire

No headgear or sleeveless shirt, no jeans with holes. Cut-offs and athletic shorts are not allowed. Tournament director will handle any questionable circumstances.

·     Ladies may wear skirts, shorts or slacks.

16. Bowling balls

·     It is the bowler's responsibility to ensure that all bowling balls used during the tournament are verified legal under CTF/USBC Specifications.

·     Tournament committees reserve the right to examine the balls used by the participants. Use of an illegal ball will lead to disqualification and forfeiture of games, prizes and standings aside from any other penalties that may be imposed. Altering the surface of the bowling ball is not allowed after practice is over                

17. CBC adjudication

·     This is a non-sanctioned tournament. However, all tournament rules of CTF    /USBC are applied.

·     CBC reserves the right to accept or refuse entry to this tournament.

·     Any disputes will be settled by the CBC tournament committee

·     An appeal must be submitted in writing to CBC within 7 days after the       tournament for CBC's final decision.

During league dates and time at World Bowl :

Tuesday  - 9:30 pm

 Apr  2, 9 , 16, 23, 30    

Thursday – 9:00 pm

       Mar 28 ;  Apr 4, 11,  18, 25 

      Sunday – 9:30 am

       Mar 31 ; Apr 7, 14, 21, 28  

·     Top 40 qualifying scores ( with handicap ) will advance to the semi-final round 


10. Semi-final round     

          All 40 bowlers will bowl 7 games.

·            All 40 bowlers will be entered in both scratch and handicap division.

·            Top 5 scores will cash in both divisions

·            Top 2 scores in each division will advance to final round  

·            If a bowler has the same position in both divisions, the scratch division position will take precedence

La Difference Cup 2015 Rules and Regulations

La Difference Cup 2015 Qualify Standings

Champion: Raymond Choi

1st Runner-up: Ho Leung Chan

2nd Runner-up: Eugenia Jon

3rd Runner-up: Bruno Kong

5th - Chester Yung

6th - Daniel Chow

7th - Doug Hui

8th - David Luong

Consolation Divison:

1st - Darius Yeung

2nd - Benny Sin

3rd - Desmond Chan

La Difference Cup 2014 Rules and Regulations

La Difference Cup 2014 Qualify Standings

Champion - Bruno Kong

2nd Place - Alvin Chan

3rd Place - James Boo Sum

Blind Doubles Home Team Winners:

1st Place - Vincent Li / Benny Sin

2nd Place - Mary Leung / Stephen Lam

3rd Place - Alex Luk / Edith Lee

Bowling Ball Lucky Draws Winners:

Raymond Choi

Edith Lee

Ming Pao Fat Choy Cup 2014 Rules and Regulations

Ming Pao Fat Choy Cup 2014 Qualify Standings

Ming Pao Fat Choy Cup 2014 Results

C.T.F. Rules #319 will be enforced and it is the bowler’s responsibility to abide by these rules.  When the previous season’s average is used, and at the time of bowling an entrant has a current average for 21 or more games that is 10 pins or more higher than the prior season’s average, the current average must be used.  Bowlers fail to report their current average of other league which is 10 pins above book average before the tournament will lead to re-rate or disqualify.

Lions Cup 2013 Rules and Regulations

Lions Cup 2013 Qualify Standings

Champion - Ho Leung Chan

1st runner up - Calvin Leung

2nd runner up - Raymond Choi

CCNC 2013 Rules and Regulations

CCNC 2013 Qualify Standings (Ontario)

CCNC 2013 Oil Pattern

CCNC 2013 Final Results